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World Fish Stock Less Than Thought

A yardstick for estimating ocean fish stocks, many of which are under intensifying pressure from industrial trawling, is badly flawed, a study released Wednesday said. As a result, global stocks of some commercially valuable top predators — including certain species

More US Households Short of Food

Almost 15% of US households experienced a food shortage at some point in 2009, a government report has found. US authorities say that figure is the highest they have seen since they began collecting data in the 1990s, and a

PSA Disease Attacks Kiwi Orchards

A fourth orchard has been confirmed with the kiwifruit vine-killing disease PSA. The orchard is also in Te Puke, Bay of Plenty, along with the first three confirmed cases.

World’s Appetite Outpaces Harvests

In the volcanic valleys of central Mexico, on the Canadian prairie, across India’s northern plain, they sow and they reap the golden grain that has fed us since the distant dawn of farming. But along with the wheat these days

Increased Controls over Tuna

Pacific island nations were missing out on income from lucrative tuna fisheries and should consider tripling access fees for foreign vessels, the region’s fishing chief says. Transform Aqorau said Pacific islanders needed to take a united stand to ensure they

Fish Stocks Dwindle in Asia’s Seas

Overfishing in Southeast Asian seas has left garoupas and sea bass in dire straits, searching for mates on denuded seabeds, according to experts alarmed by ever-declining catches. Marine scientists and fishermen say that popular fish species — especially the large

Chocolate to Cost More Than Gold

Fancy a bit of chocolate? An afternoon Kit Kat with your cup of tea? A chunk of fruit and nut? Go on, you’ve earned it. Except that in the future, chocoholics might have to work quite a bit harder to

Climate Damaging China’s Crops

Climate Change could trigger a 10 percent drop in China’s grain harvest over the next 20 years, threatening the country’s food security, a leading agriculture expert has warned. Tang Huajun, deputy dean of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, warned

Malaysia Floods Force Evacuations

MALAYSIAN authorities have shut schools and evacuated more than 12,000 people as floodwaters rise in two northern states hit by torrential rain, official media said on today. In Perlis state, which borders Thailand, 11 schools were shut and 3000 evacuees

Megi Destroys 500,000 Tonnes of Rice

MANILA – THIS month’s Typhoon Megi destroyed nearly half a million tonnes of rice in the Philippines, the world’s largest importer of the grain said on Thursday. The data is equivalent to 2.69 per cent of the country’s 2010 output

Food Riots to Become Commonplace

Rising food prices and shortages could cause instability in many countries as the cost of staple foods and vegetables reached their highest levels in two years, with scientists predicting further widespread droughts and floods. Although food stocks are generally good

Fisheries Will Collapse by 2035

Pacific island fisheries face collapse in the next 25 years as overfishing, population growth and climate change threaten one of the region’s main economic resources, a study warned Wednesday. The report, published by the Noumea-based Secretariat of the Pacific Community,

N Korea Heading for New Food Crisis

The United Nations says North Korea is heading for a new food crisis, with drought and floods in various parts of the country exacerbated by cuts in international aid. UN chief Ban Ki-moon expressed concern in a grim report to

Benin Struggles with Floods

Video Report: Oct. 21 – The West African nation of Benin struggles with flooding that has killed some 60 people and caused a major blow to food production.David Botti reports.

Pakistan: 50,000 Sq Km of crops lost

UNITED NATIONS: An area larger than the Netherlands – 50,000 square kilometers- has been ravaged by the devastating floods in Pakistan, with over 2.2 million hectares of crops lost, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported

Super Typhoon Megi Heads For China

MANILA (Reuters) – Typhoon Megi cleared the Philippines’ main island and headed toward China on Tuesday, and authorities said initial estimates showed around 105,000 tons of the region’s unmilled rice crop had been damaged. The agriculture department’s early assessment that