Floodwaters Cut Off Dirranbandi

Dirranbandi in Queensland’s southern inland is cut off by floodwaters, but locals say the levees are holding and the town is in no danger.

Premier Anna Bligh has confirmed that food drops are on the way.

Supplies are not needed urgently yet, but Dirranbandi resident Robyn Weishaupt says it is nice to know they have not been forgotten.

“We’ve actually had a good supply of bread come in yesterday – I think we’re getting milk in today,” she said.

“Things like that, even though we’re isolated, everyone is still in good spirits.

“We’re still getting food and everything in – we’ve still got power and everything, so I suppose in a way we’re lucky.”

Ms Weishaupt says the town has been isolated many times in the past and the community knows what to expect.

“It’s been excellent because the levee banks have been put and and the whole community just helps each other out,” she said.

“Everyone just rallies together, so it has been good.

“We’re isolated but we’re nowhere near flooded or anything like that, compared to what’s happened to a lot of the other towns.”

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