Many Without Power In Scotland

Severe storms and high winds caused widespread disruption to parts of Scotland on Thursday, leaving thousands without power, causing roads and schools to close and hitting air travel. The Met office issued a red alert warning, after winds of up

Leaking Japanese Reactor Is Closed

The operator of a nuclear power plant in western Japan has shut down one of its reactors because of leaking radioactive water. The shutdown at the Mihama nuclear plant means just eight of the country’s 54 reactors are online, with

Chile Glacier In Rapid Meltdown

The Jorge Montt glacier in southern Chile is melting at a rate of a kilometer (0.6 miles) per year, making it one of the world’s most visible milestones of global warming, according to researchers. Chile’s Center for Scientific Studies (CECs)

U.S Denies Delaying Climate Deal

DURBAN, South Africa (Reuters) – The United States denied on Thursday it was trying to delay a new global climate deal until 2020, saying it supported an EU proposal that aims to chart a path to a more ambitious pact

Permafrost Now Thawing Abruptly

As the Arctic warms, greenhouse gases will be released from thawing permafrost faster and at significantly higher levels than previous estimates, according to survey results from 41 international scientists published in the Nov. 30 issue of the journal Nature. Permafrost

Wellington Damaged By 4.2 Quake

There have been reports of minor damage after a short, sharp magnitude 4.2 earthquake rattled Wellington this morning. The quake, which struck at 10.16am, was centred 10 kilometres west of Porirua, north of Wellington, at a depth of 30km.

Japan Quake Caused Double Tsunami

The massive earthquake off the coast of Japan in March caused a rare “merging tsunami” in which two waves combined to amplify the destruction after landfall, according to NASA. For the first time ever, US and European radar satellites captured

World Must Manage The Planet

The Rio+20 summit next year should focus on reshaping the world economy to better “manage the planet,” the UN’s top environment official told AFP at climate talks in Durban. “Rio will help the world look at climate change in the

Yellowstone – A Global Disaster

“Supervolcano: Eruption” (Roc), by Harry Turtledove: The master of the alternate history novel delivers a terrifying future of the United States that seems within the realm of possibility in “Supervolcano: Eruption.” Yellowstone National Park draws millions each year to see

Japan: Baby Milk Is Radioactive

Radioactive caesium believed to have come from the Fukushima nuclear plant has been found in a brand of Japanese baby formula. Caesium levels of up to 31 becquerels per kilogram have been found in baby formula made by the Meiji

World ‘Heading For 3.5 C Warming’

Current pledges for curbing carbon emissions will doom the world to global warming of 3.5 C, massively overshooting the UN target of 2 C, researchers reported at the climate talks here on Tuesday. Output of heat-trapping carbon gases is rising

Fukushima Leaks Radioactive Water

The operator of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant says at least 45 tonnes of highly radioactive water has leaked from the facility, possibly into the Pacific Ocean. A statement by the operator TEPCO said workers noticed a leak in a purification

Himalaya Glacial Melting Confirmed

Glaciers in the Himalayas have shrunk by as much as a fifth in just 30 years, scientists have claimed in the first authoritative confirmation of the effects of climate change on the region. The findings, published in three reports by

1000’s Flee Indonesian Volcano

Mount Gamalama has erupted and spewed lava and ash on a town in eastern Indonesia, prompting thousands of residents to flee. There were no immediate reports of casualties after the 1,715-metre volcano, which forms the entire island of Ternate, first

Heavy Smog Blankets Beijing

Beijing airport has cancelled hundreds of flights after dense smog reduced visibility in the Chinese capital. Fog across parts of northern China meant motorways had to be closed and many drivers kept their headlights on all day.

Cornwall Shaken By Earthquake

An earthquake shook Cornwall in the early hours of yesterday morning when tremors with a magnitude of 2.2 rolled out of Bodmin. Experts at the British Geological Survey said the quake struck at 2.40am with its epicentre close to Bodmin,