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Greenpeace occupy Australian coal terminal

Environmental activists said they occupied part of Australia’s northernmost coal export terminal on Tuesday in a stunt directed at a nearby meeting of Pacific island leaders on climate change. Greenpeace said a group of its protesters climbed atop Xstrata Coal’s

Coal fires up India farmers against power plants

Rajni Ramakan Patil has a message for the energy companies that want to build coal-based power stations on the land that she and two generations of her family have farmed for more than 50 years. “Even if you give us

Global warming seen worse than predicted

CHICAGO (Reuters) – The climate is heating up far faster than scientists had predicted, spurred by sharp increases in greenhouse gas emissions from developing countries like China and India, a top climate scientist said on Saturday. “The consequence of that

1st deep sea observatory looks at climate change

A crane on a ship deck hoisted a 502-pound video camera and plopped it into the ocean for a 3,000-foot descent to the world of neon-glowing jellyfish, bug-eyed red rock cod and other still unknown slithery critters. The so-called Eye-in-the-Sea

Obama urged not to backburner climate change

DAVOS, Switzerland – Don’t put off action on global warming just because times are lean — that’s the message Al Gore, world environmental leaders and U.S. executives sent Friday to President Barack Obama. Worries are mounting that economic troubles are

Global coal damage costs 360 billion euro annually

WARSAW (AFP) – The use of coal for energy production causes at least 360 billion euros worth of damage to human health and the environment every year, Greenpeace said in a new report published on Thursday. “When taking into account

Japan CO2 hits record

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan’s greenhouse gas emissions rose to a record high in the year to March, putting the world’s fifth-largest carbon dioxide producer at risk of an embarrassing failure to achieve its Kyoto target over the next four years.

Current warming sharpest climate change in 5,000 years

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Research on Arctic and North Atlantic ecosystems shows the recent warming trend counts as the most dramatic climate change since the onset of human civilization 5,000 years ago, according to a new report. Researchers from Cornell University

Schwarzenegger to host climate summit

LOS ANGELES (AFP) – California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is to host an international summit next week to discuss and develop strategies aimed at combating climate change, his office said in a statement Tuesday. Schwarzenegger will be among five US governors

Neigbours boiling over boilers

Paul M. Leclerc was dropping his daughter off at a friend’s house in North Smithfield last winter when he came across an unforgettable scene. Smoke from a neighbor’s outdoor wood-fired boiler clung to the ground, totally enveloping the friend’s house.->