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20% of all plants face Extinction

More than a fifth of the world’s plant species faces the threat of extinction, a trend with potentially catastrophic effects for life on Earth, according to research released on Wednesday. But a separate study cautioned that extinction of mammals had

Quake Warning Issued For London

A killer earthquake could hit London at any time, claiming untold numbers of lives and causing billions of pounds worth of damage, an expert has warned. Such a quake is long overdue after the last one occurred on April 6

Toxic Metals Found in Wine

Red and white wines from most European nations carry potentially dangerous doses of at least seven heavy metals, U.K. researchers find. A single glass of even the most contaminated wine isn’t poisonous. But drinking just one glass of wine a

Climate Protesters Head For ‘Secret’ Campsite

Climate Change demonstrators are making their way to Blackheath in southeast London after the ‘secret’ location of their protest camp was revealed. Up to 3,000 protesters had gathered at different meeting points across the capital before their final destination was

London crawling: Snow shuts down British capital

The biggest snowfall to hit London in 18 years idled the city’s trademark red buses and Underground trains Monday, stranded thousands of airline passengers, and raised the vexing question of why a predicted winter storm caught authorities so unprepared. Transit