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Bangladesh’s Toxic Leather Trade

Video Report: Bangladesh’s booming leather industry brought in more than $460 million in revenue last year. But the human cost is also high, with many workers suffer from diseases related to exposure to the fumes of a toxic chemical called

Fisheries Will Collapse by 2035

Pacific island fisheries face collapse in the next 25 years as overfishing, population growth and climate change threaten one of the region’s main economic resources, a study warned Wednesday. The report, published by the Noumea-based Secretariat of the Pacific Community,

Villagers return to toxic sludge town

The Hungarian plant which caused a toxic sludge leak has reopened as villagers forced to abandon their houses begin to return home. Dozens of homes in the village of Kolontar, the closest to the plant, were made uninhabitable by the

Hungary spill due to negligence

Video Report: Hungary’s prime minister blames ”human negligence” for the toxic red sludge that killed eight people last week.

Sludge Spill: Activists Help Animals

Volunteers are sifting through the mud in Western Hungary to rescue animals caught up in the industrial spill. Farm animals and pets were left behind after inhabitants of the village of Kolontar and parts of Devecser were evacuated. Even in

All life in toxic sludge river is dead

The entire ecosystem of a small river in Hungary which is situated in the area affected by a deadly toxic mud spill, has been destroyed, a disaster relief chief said Thursday. “The entire ecosystem of the Marcal river has been

Toxic sludge kills life in Danube

Dead fish are floating in the Danube after a toxic sludge spill that killed four people in Hungary reached Europe’s second longest river. Blood-red sludge reached the main branch of the Danube after wiping out all life in the smaller

Serbia on toxic sludge alert

Video Report: Serbia is monitoring the River Danube for signs of pollution after the Hungarian toxic spill reached the major European waterway. Natalie Armstrong reports.

UN climate talks choking in smog

China’s capital Beijing on Thursday shared the title of most polluted city in the country, as delegates from around the world worked in nearby Tianjin towards a deal to combat global warming. The China Environmental Monitoring Centre rated both Beijing

Toxic red sludge reaches Danube

Hungary’s toxic sludge spill, which has killed four people, has reached the Danube River, threatening to contaminate the waterway’s ecosystem. Water alkalinity, a measure of river contamination, was reportedly already above normal in the major waterway. Samples taken at the

Hungary declares emergency after red sludge spill

Hungary declared a state of emergency in three counties on Tuesday, a day after a torrent of toxic red sludge from an alumina plant tore through nearby villages, killing four people and injuring 120. The waste, produced during bauxite refining,

India No. three carbon emitter

India’s environment minister said on Monday the country could not have high economic growth and a rapid rise in carbon emissions now that the nation was the number three emitter after China and the United States. Jairam Ramesh’s comments come

China To Build Eco-City

At a construction site in northern China, a billboard boasts of a “liveable city” where residents can drink tap water, travel on clean energy public transport and enjoy acres of parkland. For now, the ambitious “eco-city” covering 30 square kilometres

BP to pay $15 million US pollution fine

British energy giant BP has pledged to pay a record 15-million-dollar fine to the US government for releasing pollutants into the air at its Texas refinery, officials said Thursday. The Justice Department and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said in

Protests over trash in Naples

Police clashed with citizens opposing the use of a rubbish dump as hundreds of tons of waste piled up on Naples’s streets Friday, three years after a trash crisis hit the southern Italian city. A strike by refuse collectors fearing

Mine to dump waste into ocean

A mine can now proceed to dump millions of tonnes of waste into the sea in Papua New Guinea after a legal battle to stop it was abandoned. A temporary injunction had been preventing the Ramu nickel mine from building