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Gas Cloud Leak In North Sea

An exclusion zone has been put in place around a North Sea oil and gas well, where a plume of gas was seen rising above the water after a “serious” leak. The potentially explosive natural gas is escaping from Total’s

7.1 Earthquake Hits Central Chile

A magnitude-7.1 quake has hit central Chile, rattling buildings in the capital and triggering evacuations along the coast. Residents in the capital Santiago fled their homes as the tremor rattled television sets, kitchen cabinets and tables. A mayor in the

Tsunami Ghost Ship Off Canada

A fishing boat lost during the Japanese tsunami disaster a year ago has turned up off Canada’s west coast. The 65-metre vessel was first spotted on Tuesday last week by a Canadian Forces aircraft on a routine surveillance patrol, but

2001-2010 Warmest Decade On Record

Climate change has accelerated in the past decade, the UN weather agency said Friday, releasing data showing that 2001 to 2010 was the warmest decade on record. The 10-year period was also marked by extreme levels of rain or snowfall,

Beijing Pollution To Last Years

Authorities in Beijing say it will be at least two decades before they can get air pollution under control, after the Chinese capital almost topped a recent list of the world’s most polluted cities. The city authorities in Beijing have

Mexico Earthquake Flattens Houses

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A strong 7.4-magnitude earthquake hit central and southern Mexico on Tuesday, collapsing at least 60 homes near the epicenter and a pedestrian bridge in the capital where people fled shaking office buildings in fear. One of

Tsunami Hits Japan After 6.8 Quake

A minor tsunami has hit Japan’s north-eastern coastline, NHK television reported, after a strong earthquake rocked the region nearly a year on from Japan’s worst post-war natural disaster. The 10-centimetre wave and 6.8 magnitude quake, which struck some 210 kilometres

Perth Swelters In Record Heatwave

Perth is sweltering through the eighth heatwave of the summer and autumn seasons, the first time such an event has happened since records started being kept in 1897. The Bureau of Meteorology defines a heatwave as three consecutive days at

1.6 C Temp Rise Will Melt Greenland

The Greenland icesheet is more sensitive to global warming than thought, for just a relatively small — but very long term — temperature rise would melt it completely, according to a study published on Sunday. Previous research has suggested it

Japan Marks Tsunami Anniversary

Millions of people around Japan have marked the first anniversary of the massive earthquake and tsunami which devastated dozens of communities and left 19,000 people dead. Across the country, trains stopped, shoppers stood still and people fell silent at 2:46pm,