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India Floods Displace Thousands


Central Madhya Pradesh state has suffered the highest death toll with at least 17 people killed in flood-related incidents, officials said. And in eastern Bihar state, at least 15,000 people have been evacuated from their homes after a “flood-like situation”

Louisiana: 13 Dead 40,000 Homes Damaged


Days of heavy rain have caused historic flooding in the US state of Louisiana, bringing as much as 31in (79cm) across a third of the state. The downpour continued for more than 72 hours, leading to widespread and dramatic flooding

Hundreds Dead in Sudan Floods

Sudanese authorities perform maintenance on a section of the highway that has been damaged due to heavy flooding on August 15, 2016, in the impoverished eastern state of Kasala bordering Eritrea.
Thousands of houses have been destroyed and several villages submerged after flooding triggered by torrential rainfall killed 100 people across Sudan, officials and an AFP photographer said. / AFP PHOTO / ASHRAF SHAZLY

The United Nations says it is facing a shortfall of hundreds of millions of dollars for Sudan’s 2016 aid needs as the country battles flooding that has killed more than 100 people since July. Entire villages have been submerged in

Three Dead in Louisiana Floods


At least three people have died and thousands have been rescued after “historic” flooding swamped the US state of Louisiana. The National Guard and emergency teams have used helicopters to rescue people stranded in their homes or cars. Searches are

Kenya: Bus Swept Away in Floods. 7 Dead.


Seven people died after a bus they were travelling in was swept away by flash floods at Agolo Muok area on the Sori-Magunga road in Homa Bay County. Six bodies have so far been recovered but an unknown number of

Floods strike Qatar, Saudi Arabia


Gas-rich Qatar has ordered an investigation after a year’s worth of rain in one day paralysed some of the country’s infrastructure and exposed failings in some construction projects. Heavy rain on the Arabian Peninsula also affected oil giant Saudi Arabia,

Solar Storm Grounds Swedish Air Traffic


Planes were grounded at some of Sweden’s busiest airports on Wednesday afternoon because of a “solar storm” interfering with air traffic control radar systems, authorities said. No aircraft were allowed to take off from airports in southern and central Sweden

Cyclone Chapala Submerges Yemen

Cyclone Chapala Hit Yemen's Arabian Sea Coast

Cyclones are typhoons are hurricanes—depending on where you are on Earth. But one thing that has been true since people started keeping good records is that cyclones don’t typically hit the Middle East. Last night, that statement flipped to false.

Cyclone Chapala Slams Yemen Thousands Flee


10 years of rain in 2 days; 22ft high waves; 3 killed on Yemen’s Socotra. A rare tropical cyclone has slammed into Yemen, triggering heavy flooding and causing ‘enormous’ damage, a senior official said Tuesday. Packing winds of more than

Video: Saudi Arabia Hit by Flash Ice Storm


Saudi Arabia has been hit by unprecedented ice flash floods, as seasonal low pressure brings huge downpours to Iraq and Iran as well. The shocking video shows chunks of ice the size of large ball bearings. Extreme weather conditions have