Dozens Dead In Afghan Avalanche


An avalanche has buried a village in north-eastern Afghanistan, killing at least 37 people and leaving dozens more trapped under the snow, officials said. The avalanche slammed into the village in the Shekay district of mountainous Badakhshan province late on

Singapore Top Carbon Emitter


Affluent Singapore had the largest carbon footprint per head in the Asia-Pacific in 2010, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said Monday. The environmental advocacy group said Singapore’s 2010 per capita gross domestic product of more than $40,000 — one of

Temp To Plummet To -13C In Britain


Parts of the UK will see temperatures dive to -13C on Wednesday night as two weather fronts create a “battleground” over Britain, the Met Office has warned. Though there has been limited snowfall across the country since last week, freezing

Philippine Quake The Search Is On


Rescue workers in the Philippines are searching for survivors after yesterday’s earthquake which killed dozens of people. The Philippines military has put the current death toll at 43 but rescuers are still searching for missing people in rubble from buildings

Snow Cuts Off Hundreds Of Villages


Heavy snowfall across eastern Europe cut off hundreds of villages on Tuesday and rescue teams struggled to evacuate people in southern Bulgaria where rain and melting snow had caused a dam wall to break, flooding an entire village. A river

30 More Deaths In Europe Freeze


More than 30 more deaths have been reported as a result of the bitterly freezing weather that has swept across Europe. A dam wall broke and flooded an entire village in southern Bulgaria when snow melted rapidly as a result

Mexico Suffers Worst Drought Ever


MEXICO CITY, Feb 7, 2012 (Tierramérica) – As half of Mexico endures one of the most severe droughts in its history, cloud seeding appears to be a promising way to bring desperately needed rain, although it remains a source of

Cold Kills 33 More In Europe


Europe’s bitterly cold weather killed another 33 people on Monday and melting snow caused a dam wall to break and flood an entire village in Bulgaria. Gas supplies to the European Union from Russia improved at the weekend but have

Hundreds Shelter From Floods


Hundreds of anxious residents from St George in southern inland Queensland are being housed in Dalby on the state’s Western Downs until the worst of the floods are over. About 350 St George residents, many of them children, are at

43 Dead In Philippines Quake


The death toll from a powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake that hit the central Philippines just before noon on Monday has risen to 43 as landslides struck a mountainous area. At least 29 were killed by landslides while 10 others were crushed