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Green Wall To Stop Sahel Advance

Bonn — Imagine a green wall – 15 kilometres wide, and up to 8,000 kilometres long – a living green wall of trees and bushes, full of birds and other animals. Imagine it just south of the Sahara, from Djibouti

Livestock Diseases Ravage Africa

New assessments from International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) have spelt out how livestock diseases present ‘double trouble’ in developing countries where increasing numbers of domestic livestock and more resource-intensive production methods are encouraging animal epidemics.

Drought Ravages North Kenya

Video Report: Millions of people in northern Kenya are facing hunger and an uncertain future, as a drought continues to destroy their crops and livestock. And forecasters expect the dry spell to last at least two more months.

Kenya: 5 Million To Go Hungry

Already, 1.6 million Kenyans are receiving food aid to compensate for drought and poor harvests. Government however warns the number could skyrocket to 5 million within a few months, as rains have kept failing. According to UN humanitarian sources, the

2.5 Million Somalis Are Starving

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has asked for immediate international support for the nearly 2.5 million Somalis who are starving due to a severe drought. “Unless we will have immediate support, international support, definitely there will be a catastrophic

Togo Bans Plastic Bags

Togo on Wednesday said it will outlaw the import and sale of plastic bags from July in order to protect the environment, picking up on a growing global trend. “These bags have become truly disastrous for the environment…The public must

Floods Kill 39 in Rural South Africa

JOHANNESBURG – South African authorities say at least 39 people have died in flooding and thunderstorms in the eastern part of the country. Provincial disaster management confirmed Friday that 26 people, including 4 children, have died as a result of

Kenya Bans Plastic Bags

Kenya on Thursday outlawed the manufacture and import of plastic bags from March for damaging the environment, the environmental agency said. “We are telling Kenyans that we need these changes,” acting NEMA agency chief Ayub Macharia said.

Riots in Algeria Over Food Prices

ALGIERS, Algeria – Riots over rising food prices and chronic unemployment spiraled out from Algeria’s capital on Thursday, with youths torching government buildings and shouting “Bring us Sugar!” Police helicopters circled over Algiers, and stores closed early. Security officers blocked

Africa: 15 Lightning Deaths in 2 Days

A politician has claimed that increasing numbers of South Africans are being killed by bolts of lightning. Fifteen people were killed in three separate incidents over the New Year weekend, prompting Nomusa Dube, an executive councillor in KwaZulu-Natal province, to

Uganda: Yellow Fever Kills 45

AT least 2.5 million people will be vaccinated in northern Uganda against yellow fever that had by the weekend killed 45 people and infected 178 others. The disease, whose fatality rate ranges between 15% and 50%, is taken so seriously

2010: The Deadliest Year Yet

Video Report: Quakes, floods, blizzards, heat waves, and other natural disasters took more lives in 2010 than terrorist attacks in the last 40 years combined. Here’s a look at the events that took nearly 260,000 lives in one year.

Nigeria Floods Displace 258,000

Abuja — The National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, has said over 258,000 people were displaced as a result of flooding this year alone. He also said over 1,555 persons lost their lives to cholera epidemic due to contamination of drinking

Egypt Storms Kill at Least 31

Rain and sandstorms that battered Egypt over the weekend have killed at least 31 people, said officials, adding the toll could rise as rescue workers were still sifting through two collapsed buildings. The bodies of six workers were pulled out

2011 Climate Talks to be in S. Africa

The world’s governments face a new battle in South Africa in 2011 between rich and poor about slowing climate change, buoyed by some progress in Mexico but with faded hopes for a new treaty in coming years. In 2011, governments

Polio Outbreak in Congo Kills 200

Brazzaville — The number of people killed by an outbreak of wild polio virus in the Republic of Congo has reached 200, officials said, as the second of three rounds of mass vaccination began. “The first phase was a great