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Global Effort Needed In Africa

Britain’s aid secretary has urged the global community to help people in drought-hit east Africa avoid a “catastrophe”. It comes as the UK pledged $80 million in emergency aid to help millions of people affected by the disaster. The United

Rudd Pledges Aid For Africans

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has announced Australia will contribute more than $11 million to help African drought victims. The UN says 12 million people are being affected by the worst drought to hit the Horn of Africa in nearly 60

Somalia Drought “Worst Disaster”

Doha, Qatar — The head of the United Nations refugee agency has described the situation in drought-hit Somalia as the “worst humanitarian disaster” in the world, after meeting with those affected at the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. The camp,

At Least 29 Dead In Nigerian Floods

LAGOS, Nigeria – Nigerian emergency authorities say at least 29 people have died in weekend floods in two cities of Africa’s most populous nation. A spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency said Tuesday that at least 20 people died

Volcanic Ash Turns Moon To Blood

The moon turns red during total Lunar Eclipse of the moon seen in Nairobio, Kenya, June 15, 2011. Asian and African night owls were treated to a lunar eclipse, and ash in the atmosphere from a Chilean volcano turned it

Storm Brings Down UN Jet

UNITED NATIONS (AFP) – Thirty-two people died when a UN plane crashed as it tried to land in torrential rain in the Democratic Republic of Congo capital on Monday, a UN spokesman said. It is one of the worst disasters

Earth Hour Circles The Globe

Hundreds of landmark buildings and millions of ordinary homes have switched off their lights as the annual Earth Hour moved around the globe. Australia’s Opera House was the first of many global landmarks to go dark as the event got

Congo: 50 Mil. Without Clean Water

An estimated 51 million people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) – or three quarters of the population – have no access to safe drinking water, even though the country holds over half of Africa’s water reserves, the

Race To Save Oil Slick Penguins

Oil-slicked Rockhopper penguins were being collected and taken off three Tristan da Cunha islands to the main island to be stored in a shed for treatment, cleaning and eventual release. “Five hundred Rockhoppers were brought ashore on Tristan this morning,”

Kenya Biofuel Project Opposed

Environmental goups Wednesday protested an expansive project to grow jatropha in Kenya for biofuels, arguing that such production would emit more carbon than fossil fuels. The Kenyan franchise of Italy’s Nuove Iniziative Industriali is planning to farm 50,000 hectares of

Cholera Epidemic Kills 60 In Ghana

ACCRA (Reuters) – A cholera epidemic in Ghana has killed 60 people and infected almost 4,000 since the first cases emerged last September, with 482 new cases reported this week alone, health authorities said on Friday. The outbreak, which started

Kenya Scientist Gets Top Global Job

A Kenyan scientist has been named to a new global commission to address the threat climate change poses to food security. Prof Judi Wakhungu is among the 13 experts whose recommendations in the next 10 months will be directed to

5.0 Earthquake Shakes Uganda

Kampala — An earth tremor yesterday shook parts of Uganda, especially around the Lake Albert region, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported. The earthquake measuring a magnitude of 5.0 occurred at 6:25 am (Ugandan time.) USGS reported yesterday that

Toxic Waste Dumped In Ghana

There is more to the story on the disposal of toxic waste from Nigeria at Essipong, near Sekondi, than meets the eye. According to the state-run Daily Graphic, a ship, named Spirit River, en route from Nigeria to Trinidad, carrying

Floods Kill At Least 25 In Angola

LUANDA (Reuters) – At least 25 people have been killed in heavy rains and flooding in the southwestern Angolan province of Namibe, a report said on Sunday. “We flew over some areas and we learned that the situation was serious,”

Disease Threatens Food Security

Scientists believe stem rust, which looks like red dust on wheat, could threaten global food security. A new strain of the disease is spreading throughout eastern and southern Africa and researchers say it could arrive in Australia on high winds.